Ex Criterion Developers Are Working On A “Spirtual Successor” To Burnout

Do we need to report any more than that headline, because that one sentence is enough to make all the staff at TSA thrown money at Three Fields, a dev team set up by ex Criterion staff Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry.

We knew they were working on a multiplayer sports game that will be released early next year but today they tweeted news of a second game.


I’m not a big fan of racing games but adore Burnout. The last game, Burnout Paradise, is one of the few games for which I won the Platinum trophy.

Source: Twitter



  1. Am I dreaming?!?!?!?!!?

  2. Wheeeeeee xD Burnout Trilogy HD (PS2) or even Burnout Takedown!
    To be honest I’d rather have Burnout Paradise 2 but whatever as long as it’s Burnout the original racing type that involves crashing out opponents or taking big hits to create a multiplier damage in traffic xD
    Cannot wait!

  3. Paradise 2 please!

    • If it is effectively Paradise 2 then I hope they call it Burnout Paradiso.

  4. Oh please let it be Paradise 2. That is my favourite racing game ever.

  5. Please be a Burnout Paradise successor…please…

  6. Yep, Paradise would be most welcome. What a game, just unbelievable amounts of fun.

  7. Spiritual successor to the Takedown. Man, road rage was soo good on that game.

    • I’m with you, I’d take a Takedown successor – or any of the PS2 versions – over anything even remotely Paradise-alike any day.

  8. I must admit to being a little excited about that headline as well. Oh go on, I’m VERY EXCITED!
    Do they have the licence to call it Burnout?

  9. COME ON!!! Best gaming news of the year! Fingers crossed that the soundtrack is excellent, that’s my only concern because, let’s be honest, the game is likely to otherwise be perfect.

    • Take me down to the Paradise City!

      • Heaven is a place on earth cue Belinda Carlisle warble then lights out vroom vroom.
        Burnout Heaven.
        Stunning news, one of my all time favourite open world racers is Burnout Paradise and have longed for a sequel for so long…..lengthy!

  10. Burnout Paradise is near perfect as an arcade racer. So yes please!

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