Red Alert 3:UE Details

There are drawbacks to having a PS3 in Europe. One of them is related to something called time. Or, rather how much of it we spend waiting for what everyone else has had for quite some of it. In very,very rare cases it works in our favour. This is one of them. The Official Sony Blog has a tasty little look of what we can expect from the PS3 Ultimate Edition of Red Alert 3 which we first heard about back in January.

Complete with video, David Seeholzer, Senior Development Director on Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition or CC:RE3:UE spills the beans.

“Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition promises to be the premier RTS on PS3 with full co-op campaign with VoIP support, 3 unique world powers vying for global domination, and over 60 minutes of classic C&C cinematics in full HD. To really make this the Ultimate Edition, we added a ton of bonus content, some of which is entirely exclusive to the PS3 version, including developer strategy videos, the full soundtrack, 5 new skirmish maps, Behind the Scenes, Bloopers & Outtakes, and my favorite, The Women of RA3 featurette!”

Dirty bugger. He contiues…

“Our PlayStation Store destination went live and we have ton of awesome content hosted on it. There’s a Red Alert 3 theme featuring the Soviet Commando, (and my personal favorite) Natasha, high res concept art from each faction, and our official trailer.”

He’s an animal!

“Most importantly we have been hard at work on a demo, and it should be available for download in a couple of weeks. We sincerely hope that all of you download the demo and try out the Ultimate Edition of Red Alert 3; we know you will not be disappointed.”

Excellent stuff. He goes on to mention DLC in all sorts of flavours. Starting with the Map Pack featuring 3 skirmish maps they will also release missions, units and “other content” to be released soon after launch. It’s all in the link above with a nice shiny video featuring the PS3’s ‘even more HD’ visuals.

I must go now as my girlfriend is calling, I’ve just dragged her through two and a half hours of confusion called The Watchmen and she’s making the ‘I’m going to cut off you balls’ face. Good night.