EA’s Drawings of Warhammer Tanks For C&C Only Concepts

EA has apparently spoken directly to Eurogamer in order to clear up the copyright infringement accusations surrounding Warhammer tanks appearing under the Command & Conquer banner.

The drawings, which were almost identical to Games Workshop’s models, were apparently never intended for public view. They’re concept drawings intended for internal use only.


No Warhammer 40,000 tanks have ever made an appearance in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances, and never will. Games Workshop and EA continue to have a strong relationship working together on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and the new free to play game Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes which just entered open beta.

So there you go, EA seem to admit that internally, they’re aiming at copying the concept but Games Workshop are okay with that because of the other work the two companies do together. Fair enough. I suppose there’s only so much difference one tank can have from another.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. yeah right. o_O

  2. EA were caught out and are now back tracking

  3. What are you guys on about, they were nothing alike! They were definitely different colours… :P

    • He has a point. In all seriousness though, EA got schooled.

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