Command And Conquer Reboot On The Way

Even before last year’s Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight was released, EA were already talking about rebooting the series – and given the reception to that game, it was probably a good idea. Now an EA slip-up has revealed a new web home for the series, as well as a new game developed by a new studio.

The new site,, has now disappeared again, but revealed that a new game in the series is in development at Victory Games, a new studio based in Texas, Shanghai and Los Angeles (previous franchise home EALA was shut down last year following C&C4’s release, so it’s likely some veterans of the studio will transfer over to Victory). Head of the new studio Jon Van Ganeghem, the man behind the Might and Magic series, said in an interview with the new site:


Our current focus is making a AAA Command & Conquer game, which I am very excited to be working on.

I can tell you it’s a Command & Conquer game for the PC, but we’re not yet at a stage where I can go into any details— we’ll be prepared to make a more formal announcement later in the year.

It looks like EA have finally realised that Command and Conquer belongs on PC, not consoles. However, it’ll be interesting to see how they get around the ever-present issue of piracy, given that C&C4’s DRM (which only allowed you to play when online and logged into EA’s servers) went down so badly with consumers.

Van Caneghem goes on to explain that it’s not just the one game his studio is working on though:

We’re not just working on a game, though. Our general focus is on the future of Command & Conquer. That means updating a lot of the core technology to create a stable base for future development, and leveraging that work on this first game.”

Whether this means a 343 Industries-style approach to expanding the franchise into other genres and media – remember, EA cancelled the C&C universe-set FPS Tiberium in 2009 on the grounds that it wasn’t interesting or unique enough – or a move to a more online-based strategy for the series is yet unclear.

As Rock Paper Shotgun notes, there’s also a brief few words about the future direction for the franchise:

With over 30 million sold, Command & Conquer now looks to the future, with plans to combine classic RTS gameplay with bold new technology, innovative new concepts and, as always, tanks by the dozen.

Whilst EA have now taken down the new site, it likely won’t be long before it reappears, and the company officially announces the establishment of Victory Games. As Van Caneghem points out though, it’ll be a fair bit later in the year before we see an actual game announcement, maybe indicating a release sometime towards the tail-end of 2012.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun



  1. Always good to know as cnc 4 was a serious blemish on the cnc name. The 2 previous games made by ea still have a pretty active community yet cnc 4 is pretty much dead.I hope they will restart the tiberium story arc as it has lots of potential.

  2. Sounds good to me, I’d love to have the 2D isometric C&Cs and RAs be remade, keeping the same humour and feel, updating the gameplay a little to accept modern trends.

    • I’d LOVE a 1080+ version of Red Alert 2 on Steam or something.

  3. I though EA asked Visceral Games to do consoles version of a C&C reboot….

  4. Sounds excellent, they’ve gone downhill since RA2. My guess is they’ll bring it back as a cross between Starcraft and Supreme Commander.

  5. Loved the original C&C games, hope they have the spirit of them

  6. The only reason I didn’t pick up RA3 on PS3 was they decided not to let someone use a keyboard and mouse.

  7. For me i think C&C Generals got the most playtime back in the day, god i miss having those lan parties!

    I’ve been meaning to pick up Red Alert 3 for the ps3, purely because I don’t think my laptop would be up to the challenge of running it these days.

  8. Never played one, they any good?

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