EA’s Command And Conquer Vehicles Look A Bit Like Warhammer’s

Cute. Look, a couple of EA’s vehicle designs look a bit similar to a couple of much older, pre-existing Warhammer designs.

Pictured is the Bombard tank from Command and Conquer and the Baneblane from Warhammer, and then the Grinder next to Warhammer’s Bonecruncha.



Source: Reddit, via NeoGAF.



  1. I saw these on Reddit also. Ea once again ruining a once great series.

    • after what they did to Westwood ive not had any interest in the C&C series, its a shame considering how brilliant the games used to be.

      • Ah, so EA is to blame for Tim Westwood.

        That explains a lot.

      • i just snorted Tea out my nose, nice one sir!

  2. I see their work ethic’s gone down the tubes since they received ‘The worst company in America’ award…right?

  3. ouch, if they haven’t already paid for that, the court case they’ll be served with is going to make sure they do.

  4. How on earth did the lazy-ass artist/modeller responsible think (s)he would get away with such blatant plagiarism in the internet age? foolish fool!

    • This. They haven’t even tried to customize them to make them look less like a blatant copy.

  5. Any comment from Gamesworkshop on this yet?

    • They’ve probably sent Nagash round

      • oh god. Thats a terrifying thought

  6. This is a perfect copy. I expected them to be close bt no exact. They are getting suuuuuuuuuuuuued

  7. a bit similar? o_O

  8. Jesus…. that’s just bad.

    • I hope GW start a ‘WAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!’ over this.

  9. Also, Baneblade’s ftw!

  10. Somebody at EA is going to find out just how protective Games Workshop are over their intellectual property.

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