LittleBigPlanet Spring DLC

The LittleBigPlanet DLC just keeps on coming, and the latest batches for March and April are topical and sure to be well received.  As per the Official Forums, the content is:

March 19 : Killzone Mini-pack :$2.99/€2.99 (available permanently)
Containing Sev and Helghast costumes along with 32 themed stickers this mini-pack contains everything you need to bring Killzone to LittleBigPlanet.


March 26 : Buzz! costume : $1.99/€1.99 (available permanently)
Celebrating the European release of the latest Buzz! we bring you the costume of the main man himself.

April 2 : Patapon costume : $1.99/€1.99 (available permanently)
Patapon 2 has hit the streets so it’s high time that Sackboy took up the challenge with this costume including a selection of weapon options.

April 9 : Heavenly Sword Mini-pack : $2.99/€2.99 (available permanently)
Containing costumes for both Kai and Nariko along with 27 Heavenly Sword themed stickers.

April 16 : Monkey King costume : FREE (available permanently)
The costume competition winning design from Asia – the Monkey King.

Amusing dollar-to-Euro conversion there too, damned stupid economy.

Tip: Hodgi92, Via