Alpha Protocol First Look

Remember Alpha Protocol? You know, that action espionage slash RPG. Had it slipped your mind?

If so, I don’t blame you. It’s been ages since we’ve heard a peep out of Obsidian, the devs behind Neverwinter Nights and Starwars KOTOR 2:TSL (phew). Well they’ve peeped and it looks like the marketing train has pulled out of hype station and is heading to a blog near you. Or something. The date has been set and it’s looking to arrive world wide in the month of October. Now on to the good stuff.

This trailer with guns, action, espionage and, of course, conspiracy is the first gameplay trailer we’ve seen. It has some new footage but most of it was seen in the dev diary a while back.


It looks…..well, see for yourself:

As with all games that claim to give you multiple ways to play the game and affect the storyline, it has potential. I feel that we may need to see a bit more to get hooked. While the premise is tempting (who doesn’t want to level up after a stealth kill) Obsidian need to use the rest of their time with the game wisely. Whilst it’s not looking terrible it could really do with some spit and polish in the looks department.

Let’s hope there’s time.

Source: SEGA