SCE Patent Robotic Peripheral

Siliconera have discovered an intriguing patent filed in June 2008 by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Unfortunately the patent isn’t for a battery indicator that doesn’t obscure the clock, nor is it for cross game chat. It’s for a robot accessory for use with SCE products. The robot comes with a camera, microphone, speaker and a screen, all for interaction with the player and the environment.



The inner workings of the robot

The inner workings of the robot

I can’t for the life of me imagine what kind of games this could be used for but, as an idea, it’s not entirely unique. As Kotaku points out Nintendo ventured into the robot territory in 1985 with R.O.B. which, surprise surprise, flopped like frosby. What does this bizarre patent say about the direction Sony are taking the PlayStation brand in? With no clues as to how this is likely to affect playing games one can only wonder what on earth is in the water at SCE R&D and can I have some?

Can anyone come up with another use for this other than fetching a beer?