Mm “Half Finished” With LBP

I dunno, you pay £40 and you’d expect at least a 3/4 finished game. Even Fallout 3 wasn’t this bad.

All joking aside, Mm are once again enforcing the evolving structure planned for everyone’s favorite user generated pioneer. Speaking at GDC Mark Healey says they still feel they’re “halfway through the development of LittleBigPlanet. I claim that LittleBigPlanet is potentially a game creation package, which isn’t finished if you like.”

The key words there are ”game creation,” not level creation. It seems the ongoing development of LBP has been focused towards the ambitious goal making entire games possibly even with levels contained inside. Whilst this is already possible to a certain degree expect future content to be more in tune with this, such as additions to the overall structure and new tools that open up the creation in brand new ways. It seems like the first real addition to LBP, the Paintinator was merely testing the water and we should expect similar additions to the tool set throughout the year.

The next update to emphasize this direction is ‘Cornish Yarg’ the details of which are due to be officially announced at some point today. Watch this space and we’ll update accordingly.