Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed

Everyone knew Infinity Ward were working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a sub-series of the franchise which now appears to have properly forked off from the boring old muskets and spears, or whatever it is they used in World of War.  Along with the official announcement at GDC comes this brand new teaser site with a terribly exciting ooh-what-could-it-be video released last night.  Well, it would be if it didn’t say “Modern Warfare 2” at the end.

In the interests of equality, we watched the video as if we were deaf gamers.  So, whilst there’s lots of Matrix Green static and what appears to be a voice-over vu-meter, we got absolutely nothing from the whole thing apart from three cryptic numbers at the end: 11.10.09.  This isn’t a release date, this is Infinity Ward confirming that a) they can count backwards and b) they can only do this feat between the numbers of 11 and 09.

Oh, and if you pause the video you can see a tank getting blown up.  Business as usual then.