SingStar Unlocks Home Rewards

We’re British, so SingStar is automatically the best game on the PS3.  News of Trophies for the game has just filtered through to our forum, and it appears that a few of them unlock more than just e-peen extensions: you can award yourself some little Home bonuses too.

Super Singer Bronze (score more than 9000 points across 5 songs on Easy), Window Shopper (use the SingStore), Chatterboxes (post a comment on a user) and It’s Good To Share (upload a movie or screen) all unlock Home Rewards.  We don’t know what they are, but the integration of the two titles is pretty nifty.


We don’t yet know when these Trophies will be available, but hopefully before weekend, we’ve got a SingStar night lined up for Saturday and this would be perfect.