Sony Hiring Cut In Half

The real world’s going down the drain but the world of computer games is doing quite well considering. When I say quite well I’m obviously taking into account all of the fallen teams that have been dragged under by what they are now calling the worst recession in the history of the world ever (since 1945).

It’s caused some very sad circumstances with some of the industry’s biggest developers cutting staff or worse, shutting shop altogether.


One thing I was surprised to see was that Sony have cut their recruitment by nearly half. Surprising as they’re still hiring. There is another side to this now worthless coin. Sony usually hire around 530 students straight out of college. This has now been cut 48% to 280 but don’t think of that as 280 regular students. Think of them as the cream de la cream, think of them as super students.

One thing I would hope for in amongst the re-shuffling and belt tightening is that Sony see fit to send one of those super smart recession proof fresh meat boffins to SCEE. They desperately need it.

From Japan Today Via Kotaku