Worms Wriggling Along This Easter

Team 17 have let us know that Worms, the updated, expanded PSN-only version of their popular strategy battler, will be released “over Easter”.  The honed edition features additional retro-styled landscapes, a wide array of team voices, additional graphic features & effects, a much more responsive physics engine, 1080p support and four additional weapons including the much loved Holy Hand Grenade, Super Sheep and Concrete Donkey.

With support for both offline and online multiplay (for up to 4 players) the game, which will be £7.99 / 9.99 Euros, will be released in the European PlayStation Store “over Easter”.  We can safely assume this means on Sunday, at precisely 10am after we get out of Church, but probably means Thursday and is just some clever PR to account for the ever so slight off-chance that SCEE forget to publish the game, or send out the wrong version, or…