WipEout, Shadows and Vice

It’s good to see the WipEout HD team are still alive.  Yes, we’ve heard plenty of rumours (first hand) of new tracks coming to everyone’s favourite future racer, but nothing concrete from Sony.  But, hey, they’re still patching the damned game, so what can you expect; SCEA are branding this as an ‘update’ but the changes are more representative of the allotted 1.30 release moniker than any other adjective.  Firstly, even if you lose there’s now a change you’ll be awarded with a little badge – there are 33 badges in total ranging from “you didn’t do very well” to “is this game too fast for you”, with the person in first being awarded with the “oh, you got the Quake power-up at the last second”.  A nice touch. Additionally, in true Mario Kart style, there’ll be a little podium at the end showing the last three people to get the Quake power-up.

As from today, WipEout HD will now come complete with proper game invites.  You’ll be able to see which of your friends are online playing the game and you’ll be able to join that game “instantly”.  Unless it’s running, of course, at which point you’ll be able to watch it unfold with the new Spectator mode.  The rest of the features are mainly toggle switches for setting up games, but the inclusion of private invite-only and friends-only games is a welcome new bullet point.  You’ll also be able to switch Peppy Hare mode on and off, hide the weapon icons on the HD and (finally) switch off that awful Pilot Assist mode.  Naturally, due to the wonderful nature of Sony, the WipEout HD 1.30 update will be free – WipEout HD’s a great game and joking aside the above tweaks make it an even better one.


In a wierd twist of co-incidence, GTA 5 has suddenly appeared on a Dutch site and has a bit that somebody has decided is Miami, corresponding almost to the minute to when I switched on GTA 4 for the first time in months.  I’ve been to Holland, my wife got “legs like pasta twirls” and almost arrested for having to sit down outside a “cafe” in the middle of an England/Holland match, so I don’t believe a word these people say, they’re all stoned.  I don’t know, this story’s probably already been debunked somewhere but we’re sleepy and until I get my coffee I’m just going through the TSA Towers Tips Inbox randomly selecting stories like some kind of waffle.  This one had a big thumb print on it, so I’m rolling with it. Rolling.  Oh, man.

This one’s definitely true, although I dearly wish it wasn’t.  PS2 darling Shadow of the Colossus is getting a movie translation.  Yes, the delicate, moving classic will be turned into a film by the screenwriter of “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” and the director of “Doom”, Andrezj Bartkowiak.  If anyone I know even gets remotely excited about this film I will (literally) kill them until dead.  I can’t think of anyone less suited to covering Team Ico’s epic tale, and who the hell greenlighted this anyway?  Oh, Sony Pictures Entertainment.  You couldn’t make this up.  Oh, and just a note Gamespot, your CSS hasn’t loaded for me for about 12 months, I just get a wall of HTML text, sort it out, would you?

Oh, and despite being a Scouser (of sorts), Michael’s not getting a perm, sorry, but Sony did obviously hear my thoughts, and have hurredly cobbled together an official website for MAG.  I say “website”, I mean Flash-based map of the earth, which makes noises when you click on it.  I pressed buttons for a while, noises were made, and then I switched it off.  I have a sneaky feeling that’s exactly how I’m going to feel when I play MAG for the first time, too.  Oh, I’m on fire.  Seriously, I need a coffee.  Stay here, don’t switch over, and when I return I’ll be skipping through the clouds like a Dutchman and everything will be rosey.  We’ve got a lovely competition lined up for later with two new games up for grabs, and you’ll need at least one TSA Point to enter…

Tips: Mayflame, Hodgi92, Mike, Raen, Artefx.