Killzone DLC In 2 Weeks, And Free?

Steel and Titanium, as we announced last week, will be the first Killzone 2 Downloadable Content. The pack will contain two multiplayer maps, one we thought would be set on the ISA flagship The New Sun (but isn’t, it’s actually called Vekta Cruiser) and the other called Wasteland Bullet, which is based on two Helghan trains. The expansion will be in the newly invigorated European Store on April 30th, and will be completely free of charge, according to

The source claims that this price point was announced by Sony on Friday.  We didn’t get the email in question or any official notification of the fact that the pack is free, so treat the price point with a pinch of salt.  Regardless, to see the new maps in action, click here for Vekta Cruiser, and here for Wasteland Bullet.



In a post on the official blog, Sony have now officially confirmed that the price is, errrm ‘to be confirmed’, this still leaves the door open for the rampant speculation of the DLC being free, but we doubt it, just take a look at the quality of the DLC  in the above videos.