Trine Sublime

The PSN is home to a fantastic variety of titles. Some ask you to float on the breeze and become one with nature, some ask you to eat, excrete and stretch in the same breath. Its competitors, Xbox Live Arcade and Wii Ware/Virtual Console, are different breeds, catering to different crowds whilst also trying to maintain a healthy catalogue of games to play to their key demographics. For a short while they were shaped in some way by the early successful titles such as Geometry Wars Evolved and flOw making it harder to entice publishers to not just copy the originals but to diverse. This is no longer a problem, but until now I’d failed to realise a sizeable gap in the PSN’s vast wealth of titles.

How many straight up 2D platformers can you name on the PSN? I’ve got 2. The uber retro Megaman 9 and the swinging remake of Bionic Commando Rearmed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re great games, but don’t you think that with the power of the PS3 and the ease of use of PSN there’s a possibility for someone to really get stuck in with a good old fashioned side scrolling platformer but, of course, with a bit of spit and polish? This is where Trine comes in. At this point I’d usually go on about the mechanics of the game along with it’s features but I think youtube’s depiction of a thousand words can craft much more of an accurate representation of the game in question. Oh, and I believe that’s co-op right there. Drink it in.


No solid release date yet, but expect it to be drawing a bridge to PSN soon.