End Of An Era

It was back in March 2007 when Michael asked me if I wanted to start a PlayStation 3 website. We’d worked together on numerous projects in the past, had been in constant communication for around a decade and had both picked up Sony’s latest big black box. It was Michael’s domain name choice, Michael’s coding skills and Michael’s long term vision that made TheSixthAxis what it was, creating a custom-built CMS entirely written in .net and wrapping it around our first hand crafted design. Since then TSA has moved onto the industry standard WordPress, but Michael has always insisted on keeping that individual streak that most gaming blogs seem to forget: that the community is the most important aspect of any good website.

So it’s with great regret that Michael has decided that TheSixthAxis is no longer going to be his main focus, and he’s stepping down as the Community Manager for the site with immediate effect. We’ll miss his ramblings about Huskies, his podcasts and his constant generosity even when we’re all crippled with this financial crisis, and whilst we hope he’ll stick around and contribute on an ad-hoc basis, Michael is now moving onto projects new as he focuses his attention on video game development and other hopefully less stressful endevours. Writing for TSA, especially when you have to deal with my rants and issues first hand, can be hard work, so I appreciate everything Michael has ever done for the site.

Everyone here at TheSixthAxis wishes Michael all the luck in the world, and we’ll all be behind him 100% on anything we can do to help.