Killzone 1.24 Patch Incoming

Guerrilla Games, enjoy life up there with the best of them, you deserve it.  After creating such a truly remarkable game, they have not rested. They continue to improve the game, enhance the experience and please the customers that bought their game. Many studios would not alter a game like they have, sometimes in fear of the fans backlash, but GG hold no fear. They already removed bots because people were abusing their usage. Now they’ve gone one better.

I personally felt that the ranking system in Killzone ends far too soon. Just 2,800 points to reach the top rank? Really? Well the Dutch developers are patching in three additional ‘hardcore’ ranks. Adding in extra ranks after the multiplayer mode has been going for almost two months is brilliant and will help those already well past General to have another goal to work towards.


The patch brings a variety of other things including; enabling the released version to play with the Japanese release, enabling support for the first DLC pack coming April 30th, and a bunch of minor improvements on finding and joining friends and clan members. The patch will be released on April 22nd at 8am GMT, weighing in at 57Mb. 

Seb Downie, the Producer for Guerrilla Games, also mentions that, “Once this patch is live we will start on the next, even bigger patch.  We’ve got some good stuff still coming for you guys.”

Source: forums