Interactive Music Game Coming To PS3

Not a great deal to go on and it’s a naff way to end a great week on TSA, but this has just appeared on the South African PlayStation site: “Music lovers: prepare for an abstract and surreal interactive gaming experience like no other,” says the press release. “Set the scene for your favourite music tracks by uploading them to Detuned, the game that lets you make visual accompaniments for your favourite music track.”

Sounds like little more than a cute visualiser. “The only thing limiting you is your imagination: upload your tracks and use your DUALSHOCK®3 or SIXAXIS™ wireless controller to manipulate what you see. The human character and his surrounding scenery may appear normal at first – but you’ll realise just how warped you can make this musical world!”  There’s no screens or other details yet, and might not even make it out in Europe, but hey.


Enjoy your weekends.

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