EA Working On “Best Ever” FPS

Sure, it’s a job advert, not an official press release, but this recent application for an Art Director for a brand new first person shooter suggests that EA might well be onto something big.  “Electronic Arts is looking for an established Art Director to join a small team of industry veterans on a brand new FPS project in the very beginning stages of development,” says the advert. “This exciting opportunity is for a dynamic, hands-on individual ready to set the artistic vision for the project and drive it to the very end.”

The Art Director will ultimately lead a team of conceptual designers, character and environment artists and whomever else will bend to their will, to create the coolest piece of entertainment software the world has ever known. Well, at least the best project we’ve ever worked on.”  There’s no mention which studio will be behind this new FPS but the job is based at their LA head office. It’s clear that the game is still at a very early stage but it’s good to see EA with this attitude – they’ve been on a roll recently.

Via SA.