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Ever since the start of February, when I posted to the forums about 2000AD content coming to LittleBigPlanet, I have been searching for more information on it.  Well, I have finally found some courtesy of an article on Edge Online, who have interviewed Media Molecule’s Art Director, Kareem Ettouney.

Media Molecule have been approaching a number of graphic artists and asking them to produce sticker packs for LBP.  Among the artists who are confirmed to be producing sticker packs is Mike Mignola, who created Hellboy, and Jon Burgerman, who has previous form on PlayStation having created the Burgertown track for the PSP’s WipEout Pure.


The exciting piece of news, for me anyway, comes towards the end of the Edge article where they talk about other forthcoming LBP DLC.  We can look forward to a history pack, which includes not only “visual material” that will help you construct historical themed levels, but also some famous characters from history.  Specifically, Mozart, Beethoven and that other famous composer (of corpses) Genghis Khan are named.  Additionally there’s a monster pack containing various “meanies” to you help create horrific levels as opposed to attempts like mine which are just horrifically bad.

But the big one for me gets the smallest mention, with just a brief comment that we will be getting “a sticker pack based on Judge Dredd comic 2000AD”.  I think from that we can assume that Judge Dredd will make an appearance, but I can only hope a good selection of other classic characters from the comic will soon be adorning levels.  I would love to see little sackboys jumping around trying to avoid a “smushing” from Mongrol.

Now yet more sticker packs may not sound that exciting.  However, another of LBP’s impending updates will add a new tool that will automagically cut around a sticker’s outline allowing you to quickly create in-game objects out of whatever material you stuck the sticker on.  Now a wooden Judge Dredd may not appeal, as Stallone found out in the Judge Dredd(ful) movie, but I am sure the more skilled object creators among you will soon be lopping his limbs off like an engineer on a mining vessel, and reattaching them with pistons and motors to make your LBP Judge Dredd more animated than the aforementioned actor and get him chasing down sackboys perps in your levels.

Update: The US PS Blog’s ‘Sack it to me – “Spring To It” Edition‘ has this to say, “About the internet buzz regarding Judge Dredd possibly enforcing justice in LittleBigPlanet…”

Judge Sackboy

Followed by “‘Nuff said. Details to come”.  So not only has the 2000AD pack been dated as arriving on the 28th May, but that little bit of grey text at the bottom of the picture reads “2000AD costumes and stickers coming soon”.  Yes, that is costumes, plural.  So my prayers have been answered and it looks like we will be getting a Judge Dredd costume for sackboy along with at least one other.  If you are listening Media Molecule, I would like Rouge Trooper and Johnny Alpha costumes please.  If you could pre-order LBP content packs, this one would be so bought already.

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