LBP: Online Create Is Coming

We’re joking of course.  We love Titan and we love Fat Princess, but we still stand by our initial thoughts that the beta for the capture-the-flag based multiplayer was more of a promotional aid than anything more substantial. Media Molecule, however, know that real beta tests involve lots of feedback, and that’s why they’re looking for a few dedicated Sackboy fans to get involved with the Online Create mode trial.  We’re a little late with the news as the deadline for application has already passed on the only site we know about that’s currently doing this, but that doesn’t really matter – the fact is that the much anticipated multiplayer Create mode is well and truly on the way.

There’s a good chance that Media Molecule will be extended these applications to other sites, but if you’re interested it’s clear that the guys will need you to work a little harder than a cursory glance – LBPCentral’s criteria suggests that you’ll need to prove you’ve created lots of levels already, are prepared to actually feed back to MM on any bugs and issues you come across, and crucially, have lots of free time over the next couple of months to see the beta right the way through – the beta will run throughout May and June, through several ’rounds’ of testing which would mean that the general public won’t see this new mode until July at the earliest.  So, keep buying that LittleBigPlanet DLC, keep creating and rest safe in the knowledge that we’ll all be doing so simultaneously over the web soon enough.