Quarter of UK Homes Own Consoles

According to a study by Harris interactive 23% of UK households now contain a console. They polled 2000 people in Novemeber and again in February and came up with some interesting results.

The poll suggests (as we have numerous times before) that UK games retail is thriving in this time of recession with people more likely to stay at home and entertain themselves rather than go out for an expensive night at the cinema (how much is Pick ‘n’ Mix these days?), theatre or pub.

Personally I think it’s a little bit worrying that people are staying at home playing Wii Sports Bowling instead of going to the pub and drinking. Maybe that’s just me, I like drink more than I like cheesy cartoon characters and poor motion-sensing.

So with UK retail doing so well by cutting prices and selling in volume is anyone else wondering why publishers are trying to put them out of business by doing all they can to stop pre-owned sales and encourage (price-fixed, monopolising) digital distribution?

Source: MCVUK