What Japan Bought Last Week

Sony titles command 50% of Japan’s sales chart.

PS3 Outsells Wii

Japanese sales figures make pleasant reading for Sony

PS3 Slim Sees Sales Rocket 1000%

Some fantastic news for the new slim console!

THQ Discuss Red Faction: Guerrilla Launch

THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, discusses the launch of their newest AAA game.

GAME Reveal UK Console Numbers

The console war in the UK is not going Sony’s way.

PS3 Exclusives: Sales in the US

US sales figures for a number of Sony’s PS3 exclusive titles.

Trophy Patches

A look into the growing trend of adding Trophies after initial release.

Gran Turismo: It Sells Lots

Europe loves its GT games. America used to.

Quarter of UK Homes Own Consoles

Uk retail doing well, sales up, people staying in with video games. The geek shall inherit the earth.

UK Sales: PS3 In Last Place

Hardware sales of all the current consoles since launch are revealed. Guess which is in first place?

PS3 Outsells All In Japan

For the first time ever, we think, the PS3 has outsold every other console in its home land.

Install Base Doubled

Big growth for the platform holders, big sales for the retailers. Just us with no money then?

Post-Traumatic Sales Syndrome

A rant of epic proportions, don’t read if you want a news story. Or if you’re in a hurry.