EU Console Sales – PS3 Doing Well, Vita Doing Badly

People with a much better grasp of these things than I, have been poring over the sales figures for consoles. MCV notes that the PS3 is leading Europe for the year after figures from the Nintendo financials disclosed that the console has sold between 50,000 and 100,000 units per week in 2012. The 3DS is in second place with sales “between 50,000 and 30,000” per week while the Xbox 360 is in third.

Of course, the 360 is still some distance ahead in US sales. A thread over on NeoGAF has collected certain sales information (such as it is) and worked out that Microsoft’s console is still selling significantly more units in the US than anything else.


That thread also notes the poor Vita performance in all territories. In Japan, it’s selling fewer units than the PSP (200,000 compared with 270,000). In Europe, it’s doing slightly better, with the launch week falling in this calendar year. The Vita has sold 380,000 here compared with 350,000 PSP sales. In the US, though, the Vita is performing much better than the PSP, outselling it by 430,000 units to just 90,000 PSPs. Nintendo’s cheaper 3DS outsells the Vita by some margin in all regions.

As we noted earlier this week, the Vita needs some new life breathed into it or it seems in danger of slipping further behind and becoming forgotten altogether. Perhaps we’ll see some exciting new games for it at E3 – maybe even a Call of Duty reveal? That would surely give it a bit of a boost.

Source: MCV and NeoGAF



  1. It’ll make me very sad if Sony screw this up! Not just because I’ve got one, but because its such a nice piece of kit. My experience of playing games on the Vita is so much richer than on a touch screen only device. Plus, since purchasing, I’ve managed so much more gaming time because I can fit in a few minutes here and there. My ps3 has sat silent while I wish that every major release came to Vita. If something like Amular was on Vita, I might actually finish the thing!

    • I love the Vita, it’s such a great piece of hardware and a pleasure to use, albeit with a couple of minor irritations that they’ll probably iron out with multiple firmware updates.

      It really needs a boost now though, whether or not people still feel happy with the games that came out at launch, sales have dropped off sharply and weren’t that great to begin with. It needs two or three killer games and a price drop announced at E3.

    • I really hope they don’t mess this up, if I’m honest I also use my Vita more than my PS3.

    • It’s not about Sony screwing up. It’s about how receptive gamers are are believing Sony screwed up.

      You only have to look at how Microsoft manipulated gamers into beliving the PS3 was a flop, when it was actually the best console this gen, to see it’s not about hardware, games, price or anything else, it’s all about the spin baby….

      • Dunno how true that is, of all my friends who own 360’s, not both, they all, to a man, prefer the PS3, due to bluray and its multimedia capabilities They simply couldn’t justify what was for a long time, a very expensive purchase comparatively.

        An awful lot of people still don’t even know what the Vita is – and that’s not MS fault. MS marketing machine is a behemoth and XBOX is bleedin’ everywhere, whereas Sony’s seems almost non-existent to me.

  2. Call of duty will be a huge boost for vita. That should shift plenty of units. It needs a price drop too.

    • I’m pretty they did like announce it last year, they just didn’t give a date for it.

  3. The VITA’s not doing great, but it isn’t doing that bad either. Over a million VITAs sold is quite ok.

  4. Wow, not bad going for the PS3 at all! Vita will surely improve if they drop the price to be a bit more competitive with 3DS. Sure, I get that there is more “under the hood” in terms of the Vita but most handheld gamers aren’t likely to give a stuff about that and will only be worrying about the price and collection of games, which is where the 3DS is winning hands down atm.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like both bits of kit but I’m certainly happier with my 3DS at the moment

  5. Hell, I’d go buy one right now if I could afford it. As it is, I’ll just watch the platform sink from the dock whilst desperately wanting to climb aboard.

    [/ship metaphor]

    • For the first time, I bought a new platform on day one and it grieves me that it’s not doing that well at the moment. However, I enjoy it tremendously and there are games I’m really looking forward to (Gravity Rush). Sony will presumably have big Vita announcements on the E3, so hopefully the faith will be restored.

  6. Misunderstood the article to begin with. I thought you were saying 100,000 PS3s this year but it’s per week this year

    • Sorry about that, my poor wording. I’ve made it clearer.

  7. I love my Vita, get all my gaming fix from it currently. Just hope Sony has a plan to get the handheld where it belongs.

    Not a bad unit tho the software is a bit buggy. But Sony can fix it!

  8. A Gran Turismo Vita game would be welcome.
    But as there’s been no rumours (that I’ve come across) if there is going to be one it will more than likely associated with GT6.

    • That would be spectacular, but the structure of the game should be better than the PSP game. Also I don’t know if I could enjoy the portable version as much as it’s big console counterpart as I’m playing with Driving Force GT Wheel and that’s the only way to go for me.

      • Yeah, the structure of the PSP version was crap but the racing was good. It’s a lot better using a wheel with GT5 but would get on fine with the Vita’s controls.

  9. “Of course, the 360 is still some distance ahead in US sales” – Anyone got Japanese & Asia sales……? Pretty sure it just about evens out for the year so far between 360 & PS3, what with a massive 3 people a year buying 360’s in Japan ;)

    • 20,000 per week in Japan for the 360, apparently. Dire.

  10. *world wide

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