PS3 Slim Sees Sales Rocket 1000%

I remember the day when any good news about the PS3 was something to be savoured. Let’s be honest, the first few years of the consoles lifespan weren’t the best and what didn’t help was that it often felt like there wasn’t one journalist in the world willing to write a good thing about it. Today though, we get what could be one of the moral-boosting pieces of news in the PS3’s history. Well, on paper anyway.

The title is correct. Chart-Track has revealed that the PS3 sales have seen a massive jump over the last week and whilst they haven’t yet revealed any specific numbers, they have said that the jump between week 35 and week 36 “is plus 999 percent”. To put that into perspective for you, when the PS2 slim was released, sales jumped 310% and following Microsofts price cut last week, the 360 saw an increase of 43%.


It is worth noting that while this is a tremendously good looking figure, sales had slumped a week before the drop and so while we are seeing a massive boost on those numbers, the boost on an average week of sales might not have seen such a high figure. Though let’s end on a positive note and remember that whatever the actual sales figures are, they’re bound to be fantastic.

Good work Sony! That price drop is paying off!