THQ Discuss Red Faction: Guerrilla Launch

Some people are just never happy are they? Way back at the start of the year Eidos announced that they weren’t pleased with the one-and-a-half million unit that Tomb Raider: Underworld had shipped in its first month and a half. Now THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, has said that he’s only “pleased” with the more than one million units that Red Faction: Guerrilla has shipped since launch. Yes, those figures are simply terrible. Ok so this a triple-A game and THQ may have expected slightly higher sales, but along with the recent release of UFC the publisher has been in the top ten of the sales charts for most of the summer.

In a conference call to discuss THQ’s Q1 earnings Farrell rated the release of Red Faction: Guerrilla as a “B”, and said that they could do better next time.


“We moved the title a couple times, that doesn’t help,” Farrell confessed. “I’m very pleased with a lot of the strides we’ve made recently but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some things better.”

This is a fair point, moving a title is never going to improve its sales. However this was one of the better promoted games I’ve seen in a while and THQ certainly threw their full weight behind the launch. With the considerable advertising that was put behind it, it seems unlikely that the move would of significantly affected sales. Anyone who was following the game enough to have been aware of the date before the move would have certainly been aware of the new date, and anyone else would have likely bought the game based on either reviews or advertising.

It should also be considered that these comments were given in a call primarily addressed at investors and financial analysts, although Farrell must have been aware that the press would be listening to his comments. Given the context it seems unlikely that he would of said he was “perfectly happy” with the release and sales figures. And of course comments like that wouldn’t have gotten him much press now, would they?

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Source: Joystiq