PS3 Outsells All In Japan

Whilst other countries like to hide their weekly hardware sales figures from the public, Japan is quite happy to let everyone see them.  Which is quite handy, because otherwise this post would have been pure conjecture.  According to the agency Media Create, which handles these figures, the PS3, for the first time ever, has outsold every other console.

PS3: 36,513
DSi: 35,827
PSP: 35,588
Wii: 17,876
Xbox 360: 11,795
DS Lite: 11,774
PS2: 5,099


Naturally this is only because the DSi and the DS Lite are considered seperate machines, but hey – we don’t care.  And why is this?  Sega’s PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3, apparently, which sold over 350 thousand copies last week.  Just goes to show: exclusives do count if they’re the right titles, and created specifically for a territory.  

And is that the Wii fad over?  Good, about time.

Via Edge.

Tip: Watchful.