New Konami Teaser Site

A few days ago Konami sent out an email to better connected people than myself containing a link to a Kojima Productions teaser site and the phrase “T -3.”

Well, it is now T and the link is live. You can check it out here. The site doesn’t contain much except a continuous video of a field and storm clouds. The meta tag contains the word “MGS” according to some sites but your guess is as good as mine. The original teaser, found in Famitsu, contained the date “2009.5.18” so perhaps more will be revealed then. American rental site, GameFly do seem to have an unannounced game, by Konami, in their listings fittingly named “Tornado Outbreak” but coincidences do happen.


You do remember the rumours of an MGS5 announcement before E3, don’t you?

We have already had plenty speculation in our forums but don’t blow it out of proportion. As always, watch this space.