TSA: We’re Smashing

Today’s PSN Store Update was a good one, plenty of stuff to play through and – look – some nice SingStar songs, too.  We particularly liked the one called “We’re Smashing” by TSA, it’s got a great beat and is really easy to sing to after you’ve had a couple of shandies. Google seems to like it too, because it’s listing sites that have borrowed our update list ad verbatim, many of which didn’t bother to source us.

The whole notion of sourcing seems to scare some of the big sites as there’s revenue to think of, but there’s no excuse in the blog/fansite community, where people are meant to be helping each other, so this is really odd. There might be more as Google picks them up later in the evening, let us know in the comments if you find any more over the next 24 hours, and then hop over and say “hi”, won’t you?

Update: any direct links have been removed temporarily to protect a few red faces, and if anyone thinks there’s “hate” in this post then you clearly haven’t spent as much time on TSA as you claim to have done.  We’ve also removed the ability to comment, temporarily.