LBP PSP Confirmed at E3

Now, I know that what I’m posting here is probably assumed by most but think of it as a little sprinkling of information that I felt you should all know.  Whilst this isn’t an official word from Sony representatives it does come from a rather reliable source.

I live in what is considered by many of it’s residents as a bubble.  Cambridge is a hive of academia and old world grandeur coupled with the odd business park dotted about here and there.  Within these business parks you can find many a company struggling to make their way through the recession just like anyone else.  Look a little closer and you’ll find an odd concentration of computer games companies who, considering the good health of the industry right now, are probably the envy of their neighbors.

As a life long resident I have managed to become acquainted with some of the guys at one of the most famous of said studios, Sony Cambridge.  As you may know, Sony Cambridge are currently working on multiple projects including the PSP version of littleBIGplanet.

In my lunch break having filled up with fuel for the rest of my stressful week I bumped into one of the developers working on LBP.  It looks like we have something in common.  He too was feeling the brunt of a work heavy week as the team are just about to reach somewhat of a milestone in the development.  This wasn’t due to preparation for E3 as apparently that’s the next step.

Whilst the team is obviously working themselves to the bone over the portable remake it’s heartening to hear that the game is progressing well. The general gist is that it’s looking great and, more to the point, playing great so please excuse me Sony Cambridge if I’m just a littleBITexcited for this.