Home Gets A TV Ad?

Internet Advertisement for Playstation Home

Not exactly. This popped up on the US Playstation Blog and YouTube page on the 14th of May. It looks like Sony are beginning to advertise some of their exclusive features.


The internet advert coincides with the Chamber Apartment that was available free for the Americans this week, and therefore features some spaces only in the SCEA version of Home. It’s only on the blog at the moment, but could this be a sign of advertising to come soon from Sony? We’ve all been screaming for Sony to advertise the PS3’s benefits over the rivals, so it’ll be interesting to see where they take this newly-found budget.

It’s also interesting to point out, that if you look at the left of the screen at 0:43, you can see some people exploiting glitches, sitting on the railings. In an official advertisement?

Sources: Official US PS Blog, Official PS Youtube page