Back Once Again

Yeah, so we ballsed that one up a bit.  Over the weekend the website bore the grunt of a huge spike in traffic and the result was that we either moved servers or break the slither of the internet we were balanced on.  Thanks to our lovely hosts over at Krystal, we’re now on the best package we can get without paying £4K a year on a dedicated server, with hopefully enough bandwidth to at least get us through the week ahead.

In the meantime, we’ve had to cut back.  In a display of openness even TedTheDog would be impressed at, we can exclusively reveal that TSA is now costing us more money to run that it generates.  We’ve taken off the Google Adwords (they’re ugly, and nobody clicks them) and replaced them with the little TipJoy thing you can see at the top of every page.  TipJoy’s pretty cool, you can give us (and lots of other sites) anything from 25 cents to $200, and then when you’re ready you just pay.

And that token gesture will mean we can keep going.  TSA is a not-for-profit site, which means anything we make over the cost of the server will be spent on either marketing the site or the odd game to keep us motivated, but you can feel good in knowing you’ve done your bit.  25 cents might not seem like much, but if everyone that visited us over the weekend gave us just that, once a year, we’d be absolutely fine.  Seems easy, right?

So, you’ll find that our RSS feed no longer shows the full text, we’ve had to use leech protection on our images, cut down on the number of images in the featured box and even the main background is currently hosted off-site (thanks, TinyPic) – but hey, if you just come along and visit the site then you probably won’t notice anything different.  And you know, that’s all we can ever ask of you – at least the damned site is back up, right?