Kojima Teases MGS5?

It’s keeping everyone else busy until E3, so we thought we’d take a look at the latest developments on the Kojima Productions teaser site.  It’s wonderful, really exciting: there’s a countdown, and every so often there’s highly realistic lightning and a number five flashes up – if whatever game is being teased here is half as exciting as this webpage we’ll be dishing out that 10/10 after the few couple of hours of playing it – no sweat.

And, heh, look, it’s Raiden knelt down.  Naked.  Perhaps you’ll be able to control Raiden’s special sword as you run around The Outer Hebrides, or whatever it’s called, amongst über realistic weather effects as you skip gaily passed Solid Snake’s not long dead body. He’s not dead?  Oh, I never can tell what happens in those games, I just like to run around shooting trying to set off all the alarms and kill as many as possible – that’s the idea, right?

When whatever is announced is announced we’ll let you know, but this is the last time we’ll feature that bloody raincloud unless something earth shatteringly awesome happens.  Only 89 hours to go, then. It’ll be for the bloody iPhone anyway.  Can’t wait.

Update: Seems like there’s more to this than we first thought.  Enterprising chaps in this NeoGAF thread have dissected the Flash and found that it appears the timer will stop and restart more than once, leading to a full reveal on the 1st of June, the date of Microsoft’s E3 conference.  The Flash will start again on the 22nd of May, the 27th, the 30th and then end on the 1st of June, when the ActionScript calls “gotoAndStop (“6/1″);” suggesting that whatever will be revealed will be so on the 1st, and the teaser will stop. More here.