Kiefer Sutherland Confirmed As MGS 5’s Snake

Confirming earlier rumours, David Hayter is no longer the voice of Kojima’s Snake, with Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland taking up the role.

The news comes via Konami’s pre-E3 conference, streaming now but inexplicably also available in its entirety on YouTube, above.

“Look, I tried to warn you,” said Hayter on Twitter.


  1. That’s not cool, his voice ain’t as capturing as D Hayter.

  2. Why the feck didn’t they choose Richard Doyle? he was big boss in 4 and if MGS5 is the last BB game, then it would have been a natural choice to choose him instead of Kiefer. MGS5 will feel very odd without the Hatyer voiced snake. :(

  3. Not sure what to think of this.

    Sure, it was getting a bit samey listening to David Hayter in every instalment but then again, he has been there from the very start…

  4. ?!

  5. Sutherland’s a good actor, I’m sure he’ll do his job and play the role he’s been given competently.

    That being said, in that reveal they kind of poop all over David Hayter’s legacy, don’t they? They wanted an older actor, but Hayter is just two years younger than Sutherland. They don’t even mention Hayter in passing. What can Sutherland do that Hayter can’t is what I want to know!

  6. This…is…AWESOME!!! Jack as snake? Apart from Hayter he would be my no.1 choice.

    But he’s also the blonde guy in the trailers (in the hospital bed) so I don’t know how that’s going to work.

  7. Given I’ve only played MGS 2, and a few hours of 3 and 4, and not really a fan of the series, I don’t see what is so special about David Hayter’s voice for Snake, only other than its familiarity in every game. Which makes me confused as to why he’s not voicing this one.

  8. Naked Snake => Sutherland
    Solid Snake => Hayter

    Has to be xD

    • Solid snake, how so? He didn’t exist during boss era i think so they would need a young voice actor for solid snake les miserables

      • didnt exist?

        Metal gear => 1985 (solid vs bigboss)
        MGS5 => 1984

        Makes sense also if they are making the movie, to take Shuterland as voice, so he can be the actor too.

      • wait, was it ’85 or ’95?…

      • Les Enfants Terribles was in the early 1970’s so we could be looking at a teenage Solid Snake. Or older, if they go with the advanced ageing story like they did in MGS4.

    • 1995

      • Still, he was cloned before that, so im pretty sure Solid will appear.

  9. I just had a thought occur to me. They didn’t say if it was Big Boss or Solid(Which i doubt will make an appearance) that Sunderland was voicing so it could be an unknown snake and Hayter is actually voicing BB but Kojima and him are building up tension to the reveal of it when the game is released. Now where did i put that MGS after credit conversation music.

    • I still think it will be Hayter for the Ground Zeroes prologue, and Sutherland post-coma for the Phantom Pain main story.

      • Think you are very right :-)))

  10. i love kiefer, his got a lovely voice. looking forward to seeing how this goes xx

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