Virtua Tennis 2009 Release Date

Tennis is a funny old game. As a sport it can get pretty intense with the crowd bearing down over a battle of endurance, skill, accuracy and stamina. Despite the stereotypical view of a gentleman’s sport with tea breaks and strawbs’ and cream some of the most heated rallys have ended in some spectacular shots and last gasp attempts that really get the adrenalin flowing.

For those of you who are partial to a spot of back and forth on the pristine courts of the tennis variety you’d do well to take note of the 29th of May as Virtua Tennis 2009 will be smashing it’s way on to PS3 and the 360 on that very date with the Wii version to follow later.

We’re big fans of SEGA’s racket sim and this version looks to be supporting the same classic arcade friendly style along side some fantastic visuals. The game will feature many of the current crop of tennis superstars and will be putting them in some strange situations in the particularly daft mini games that beautifully compliment the game proper.

Come the end of May we’ll no doubt be donning our sweat bands. See you in court.