Remote Play PC

Remember Remote Play? Well, that under-utilised but awesome-when-it’s-there function that you can do with a few PSN games and your PSP is apparently diversifying.

Some clever code-monkeys have hacked together a way of making Remote Play happen on your PC or Mac (with, unsurprisingly, the Mac version apparently working best for now). It’s still in beta and I haven’t tried it myself but there are screenshots of it working on a MacBook. Apparently you still need a PSP to set the process up so the pocket-filler isn’t totally out of the picture but if this can be made to work (and isn’t illegal) then I think my PSP might have seen its last charge.


It is early days for this project and it will probably get stamped-down upon by Sony’s legal team but as a proof-of-concept I think this is a pretty interesting development.

One last thing – I would caution you on the legality of doing this. I’m not a lawyer but I think Sony get pretty annoyed with people pricking about with their firmware…

Source: Engadget