Upcoming PSN Store Stuff

Despite what some might want you to think, not every scrap of news warrants its own post, here at TSA we’re not nearly motivated enough to scramble around for confirmation on everything we get but when we do find a quiet moment to catch up on the tidbits it, to us, makes sense to bundle like news together.  So, here we are with a few nuggets of golden future download goodness with some PSN Store news.

Firstly, the ESRB has rated a few old PlayStation games for inclusion in the Store.  None of them are classics per se, but for every WipEout there has to be a XS Junior League Soccer, right?  Alongside the footy game that we’d never heard of is Spec Ops: Airborne Commando, Contra Legacy of War, Dead in the Water and Gunbird.  As with all things leaked from the ESRB we don’t have anything remotely resembling a date but they should be out soon.


More interesting is the news that Namco Museum, the collection of old Namco arcade favourites currently only available from Japan in Beta form, will be coming our way soon.  The title appeared on the USK (German rating board) website today and appears to be the same thing (Games Collection being the category).  In case you didn’t know, Namco Museum is actually pretty good and comes with unlockable Home treats like a stand up coin-op for your apartment.

For first person shooter fans, the classic Wolfenstein 3D will be released next Thursday.  Wolfenstein was id’s first FPS and was the precursor to Doom.  I distinctly remember seeing this running when I was on work experience on a dodgy old 286 and falling in love with the genre immediately, and the recent iPhone port has told me one thing: the game’s still utterly brilliant.  Yes, it looks like crap now, but the exact same mechanics are still used in most FPS’s today.

Also mentioned this week is a PS3 version of Bomberman, which will see release (in the US at least) on June 11th, alongside GunStar Heroes (the Megadrive classic from Treasure, via SEGA) and Big Surf Island, the massive new map for Burnout Paradise as Criterion continue their DLC onslaught. Qruton should also be out in June.  And as for Trash Panic,  I’m not sure what happened – I thought it would be out on Thursday. I’ve played the final version and it’s really good.