Media Molecule go all Mysterious

Xi in LBP

On the 29th May, MediaMolecule placed the mysterious ‘Xi’ logo from PlayStation Home’s Alternate Reality Game on their homepage with no obvious explanation to what it could mean. Media Molecule being the teasers they are, titled the blog post “There’s no place like Home”.


Some people may be wondering if LittleBIGPlanet is coming to Home. The ‘Xians’ may be hoping Media Molecule are getting Sackboy available as the ‘ultimate upgrade’ avatar for your Homeboy, which would fit in with theories two weeks ago. However, Media Molecule are actually referring to the week-old level created within LBP by Xi’s damsel-in-distress, Jess. To progress through the Alternate Reality Game of Xi, users need to search for level ‘Papillon Alpha’. Without spoiling the fun, hidden within the level is the code for grabbing your next Xi butterfly.

But Media Molecule’s mysterious edge doesn’t end there. On the same day, they posted four ICO-themed images on their Flickr profile. It’s likely that this means an ICO level pack could be revealed for LBP at E3, with new ICO-themed levels and costumes. When LBP was released last year, Alex Evens, Mm co-founder, did mention that he’d like to show the game again at a future presentation, but trick everyone that it was a different game at first. Could this be it? Just imagine 2D ICO characters running and jumping across the screen in the style shown in the images, then the LBP creators step in and reveal what it really is.

It seems that LittleBIGPlanet still has a lot of life left in it, and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes in the coming year to compete with new games announced and demonstrated at E3 2009.