Clothe Your Microsoft Miis

In another stunning example of Microsoft’s ability to innovate, coming hot on the heels of Project Natal’s EyeToy-like motion tracking (and Milo, also known as EyePet for the Childless) they have announced an Avatar Marketplace.  The Marketplace, when it launches “this summer”, will allow you buy clothing and “interactive props” (like bubble machines?) for your Xbox 360 Avatars via micro-transactions.

Will this lead to an era of price competition between Sony and Microsoft where the battlefield is not the price of the hardware but how much it costs to virtually clothe your Homeboy/girl or Avatar?  Will Sony refuse to drop the price of their virtual clothing because it offers better value as you can where it in a number of virtual locations, whereas Avatars can only display theirs on the Dashboard and when they go for a spin in Joy Ride?


Microtransaction-based virtual clothing purchases are not the only innovation Microsoft are bringing to Avatars though.  They have also announced “Awardables”.  These will be clothing and items you get for completing objectives (Achievements?) within a game.  If only PS3 games like Namco Arcade and SingStar included such a feature.

Here’s hoping that somebody will announce something original at this years E3.