Milo Isn’t ‘Real’?

Everyone that watched the Microsoft Press Conference last night couldn’t help but be impressed with the Milo demo from Peter Molyneux and the Lionhead team.  Despite only having the dev kit for a small while, it appeared that Milo, a brave new venture in AI, really was as smart as he looked with quick responses and a genuine feeling of next-generation technology.

However, a few journalists got change to demo Milo later last night, including Kotaku, who, whilst impressed overall with the tech,said that “there was a little awkwardness” when Milo had said each section, implying that the demo was “partially being manipulated by a developer who was sitting nearby.”

Naturally, nobody really expected everything that Milo was doing to be realtime and generated by a single Xbox 360.  Yes it could handle the graphics, yes the motion tracking was sublime and the ability to pick up the colour of the Kotaku reporter’s shirt was impressive, but as the website says, “I couldn’t tell if [the developer] was merely calibrating the game or how much he was pulling its strings.”