Final Fantasy XIV Trailer

TheSixthAxis bought you news of a new chapter in the Final Fantasy franchise pretty much as it happened, but now it’s trailer time.  Remember how we felt last year when Microsoft broke the news that they had gained another of the gaming franchises synonymous with the PlayStation brand, whether you’re a fan of the series or not for many people it was a sign that the PlayStation brand’s power was diminishing and sparked even more fanboy baiting over the majority of the Internet’s gaming websites.

This year’s E3 has been altogether more successful for Sony and further news on the future of the Final Fantasy franchise is just one of many reasons why. If how gaming makes you feel is a key reason as to why they are enjoyable, then the mere mention of this title got the whole TSA team pretty excited, the following is a brief excerpt from our live Skype transcript, as we chatted together during the show.

[20:25:42] Lorcan Steve Henry: FF XIV!
[20:25:46] Lorcan Steve Henry: EXCLUSIVE!
[20:25:46] Murdo Connochie: wtf
[20:25:48] Lorcan Steve Henry: what?!
[20:25:53] David Howard: what?
[20:25:58] Lorcan Steve Henry: 2010?
[20:25:59] Murdo Connochie: yas! go sony!
[20:26:00] Nick Gresham: FFXIV! Exclusive!
[20:26:04] Nick Gresham: HAHAHAHA
[20:26:08] David Howard: OMG! WHAT THE HELL!
[20:26:12] Greg Aldridge: 14!!!!!
[20:26:15] David Howard: holy f**k!

With Final Fantasy XIII still some way from being released and Versus XIII details thin on the ground, the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV was pretty surprising to say the least, and then the word ‘exclusive’ had us whooping for joy and giving each other virtual high fives.

The full title is Final Fantasy XIV Online, and as we reported in the original news we have confirmation that this will be an MMORPG, but we now also know that this the title will also be appearing on PC, there is now word yet on whether cross platform play will be possible or not, but as always we’ll let you know as and when any further news becomes available.

Now, trailer time.