TSA Fixes: Rock Band 2


Having spent much time with both Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band, it is quite easy to spot the differences and while I may prefer Harmonix musical game there are some things that could gratefully be changed by the time the inevitable third installment is released.

1. I am most certainly not screaming

Now, I love a bit of screamo more than the next chap, but what are you meant to do when a bit suddenly raises its head mid-song? Rapping the words just sounds weird, there’s no pitch to sing it to, so a weird noise is what finally emerges. Please create a better use for any screamo sections in a song, not that I have a clue what it could be, but then I’m not getting paid am I?

2. Countdown

When that annoying nose itch decides to strike in the middle of your three figure streak you do your best to wait for a moment to quickly snatch at it. You could always pause the game, but when the time comes to dive back into rocking heaven, there’s no warning, no chance for me to pick up my streak again, it’s lost. Take a page from Guitar Hero’s book; a four bar metronome countdown is needed.

3. Loud noises!

Why is it so hard to activate overdrive as the vocalist? Sing loudly in the designated sections, is just another way of put all of your band mates off for sounded like an idiot. One button on the mic was all that was needed.

4. Clickity click click click

Now this may be a small niggle, but the Rock Band controller, what did you do? “We want it to be quieter, okay we’ll make the strum bar silent. Fantastic! What do you mean it doesn’t feel like you’re playing it? Okay well just make the buttons louder to compensate.” At least with the strummer the noise served a purpose to get someone else in time, but the constant noise of the buttons, no thanks.

5. Why are you so good?

It’s shocking that I really can’t think of anything else wrong with Rock Band 2, it is brilliant. No game should be this good, maybe tone it back a little bit? I want a few more problems and a few more bugs to this critique a little easier.

How would you improve Rock Band 2?