We Are Two.

I can’t believe it, we’re two already.

It seems like ages ago when Michael and I first set up TheSixthAxis, and from humble beginnings (and various designs) to becoming the leading independent PlayStation 3 site in the UK has been quite a rollercoaster.  But now, with our current writing team and fantastic relations with all the publishers we’re happy with the direction the site is heading.  We’ve had great feedback from print magazines, major software houses and industry professionals, and will continue to strive to be the best and continue to innovate, as we have done with the use of Points for our valued readers, the Trophy list and the use of Twitter as a means of informal communication.

“Congratulations TheSixthAxis – you’ve always been incredibly supportive of PixelJunk and it’s much appreciated!” ~ Dylan Cuthbert, Q Games.

“Happy birthday TSA!  What an excellent site this has been as a former reader, and what a fantastic site it is to contribute to,” said our Community Manager, Liam. “The community has been fantastic with their support and involvement in all things TSA, and the barrage of constant news tips and activity in the forums is testament to the fondness the members have for the site.   We enjoy getting you the community involved in all sorts of activities, and promise you that the next year will bring even more events and competitions your way.”

“Congrats on 2 years, TheSixthAxis!  Keep churning out the very tasty reviews….we’re hungry.” ~ Metacritic.

To celebrate our birthday, we can now announce the first of many cool things coming to TheSixthAxis: some of you might have already played around with the boxes on the right hand side of the site, and some of you have had secret test access to a little magic button for a wee while, but now you can all save the order of the boxes – simply log in and you’ll have a ‘save‘ link.  Click it, and that’s the order locked – simple as that.  If you want the latest Forum posts box at the top, just drag it up there and save it.  It’s currently a cookie, not saved onto your profile, and it doesn’t work in IE (what does), but those bugs will be fixed soon.

“Happy birthday to TheSixthAxis from everyone on the Inferno Pool team, we’ll have a pint on you tonight. The Voice has taken some time out of kicking ass in Inferno Mode to record this special birthday message.” ~ The Inferno Pool team.

As a lovely present, The Voice has also been kind enough to give us a little gift and kickstart a wickedly cool Inferno Pool competition, which we’ll pass on to you guys a little bit later on.  And whilst we’re on the subject of celebration, we’d like to say a big happy birthday to the US Blog, too, as we share the same birthday – don’t worry, we’re not offended you forgot to send a card, my Dad does the same thing every year too!  So, here’s to another two years of TheSixthAxis, and as for what else is coming to your favourite PS3 site, well, you’ll have two wait and see…