PSPgo To Get New App Store System

As you all know, the PSPgo (which is due out in October) won’t have a UMD drive – instead, all the games will be directly downloadable via the PlayStation Store, and whilst a deal for those of us with stacks of UMD-based games is still to be worked out, rumours are surfacing that the PSPgo will play host to an App Store-esque system covering much more than just games.

Apparently, Sony is actively pushing developers to produce games that wouldn’t normally fit in the scope of a normal retail title.  We’ve known this since E3, of course, Tretton basically said so himself, but what’s new to us is that this will also extend to applications as opposed to just games.  Naturally, Sony is looking towards the Apple AppStore for inspiration.

Destructoid is suggesting that file sizes will be capped at 100MB, with prices ranging from zero to $6, although the site doesn’t give sources.  Despite a lack of a touch screen on the PSPgo, we’d be interested to see some iPhone-style tools that would suit the PlayStation Portable’s screen and (naturally) enhanced control options.  This initiative is said to be officially revealed in Cologne, Germany, this August.

TSA will be there to cover everything unveiled at Europe’s biggest games conference.