Fat Princess Nears Release

As we said in our review of the Beta, Fat Princess is great little game with lots of potential and it’s one we have our eyes firmly fixed on. The full game, however, has sneaked up on us a little: we already locked Fat Princess down to a June release but seemed to have completely forgotten about the kooky little battler since the Beta.

The game, which developers Titan “always wanted to create a Castle Siege game with a very unique and distinctive art style” is a 32 player medieval battle royale, where two teams fight it out to rescue their own Princess from their enemy’s castle.  Players select from Workers, Rangers, Priests, Mages and Warriors and must switch between defense and offense continuously.


“There is always something crazy going on, ” said Craig Leigh, Creative Director at Titan Studios, “but that’s to be expected when you combine 32 players, swords, cake and chickens.”  Fat Princess won’t be appearing on any other console, either: “SCEI has been an awesome supporter of the concept and scooped up the game to be a PlayStation Network exclusive.”

We’ve asked Sony for confirmation on the slightly sketchy release date, but we were simply told that one hasn’t officially been announced yet.  If SCEE can stick to their earlier June prediction then that either means we’ll see it tomorrow or the following Thursday.  As soon as find out we’ll obviously let you know via one of our usual Store Update posts.

Interview quotes: PlayStation.com