PS3 Left For Dead With Left 4 Dead

Yesterday the sequel to Left 4 Dead, cleverly named Left 4 Dead 2 appeared on EA’s retail site, immediately prompting massive overreaction from the PS3 gaming press, most of which had probably never played the original owing to the fact that it was previously only available on the Xbox 360.  Well, that and the PC.  Naturally, today EA have realised their error and have since removed the PS3 from the platform list for the game, prompting the PS3 fraternity to now decide they didn’t want it anyway.

To be fair, I had a blast with Left 4 Dead, but seeing as it’s a Valve title and nobody bought The Orange Box because certain sites decided eating your testicles was a more pleasurable experience, we can’t imagine EA entertaining the PlayStation 3 for a version of the sequel any more than Activision can.  If you’re desperate to play the game you’d be better off dropping 130 notes on an Arcade than waiting twelve months for a second-rate port to come shambling onto shelves.