FFVII Gets 100,000 Downloads

Sony has stated that the old-school classic, Final Fantasy VII, has been downloaded over 100,000 times in North America already on the PlayStation Network, having only been launched in the first week of June. What’s remarkable about this, is that it makes it the fastest selling PS1 download for the network of all time so far. That’s a hundred thousand downloads in just two weeks, solely in America, and I’d be confident that Europe’s numbers would also be rather high. I mean, I bought it, didn’t you? FFVII is one of “dozens” of classic PS1 games that Sony plans to release during 2009 via the PlayStation Network.

Sony also noted that there are now 25 million registered users on the PSN, who have downloaded a total of 500 million pieces of content. Now we all know that this takes both PS3 and PSP accounts into, well, account, as well as users with multiple accounts. However, the increasing figures are always beneficial and will obviously increase more over time.

[Source: Gamasutra]