Home Community Recreate Big Brother

SCEE may be slowly speeding up their production of new spaces and events, but over the last few days members of the Official EU PlayStation Forum have taken the idea of creating a Home-based ‘Big Brother’ show, and have applied it literally using Clubhouses for the Big Brother house, the forum for the auditions and good old Youtube for the online broadcasting of shows.

Part of the official Big Brother 10 logo


Copyright infringements aside, the initiative seems quite unique in the lack of the StageSet space for the EU Home. The two managing the event are recreating most of the common elements from the Channel 4 show, including an initial tour of the space, throwing 10  people in and making ‘summary videos’ every two days. Users ‘Agamer2006’ and ‘Ads569’ will be setting the Home avatars / housemates tasks over a number of weeks and forum users will vote to evict each player out, week by week.

Of course, you can’t stay in Home for weeks on end. Currently, the applicants look to be all male, so any developments of heterosexual love as encouraged within Channel 4’s casting choices looks set to be increasingly unlikely. However, it’s not too difficult to change the gender of you Home avatar is it? See where I’m going with this? Maybe the drama will build when one housemate reveals their transgender fetish.

So how will this play out? Whether or not you’re into Channel 4’s Big Brother, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the developments in such an unofficial community-driven project based within Sony’s virtual world. Will this be a message to Sony to show how diverse the representation of individuals are within the PlayStation Network, or will it be a disastrous project, ravaged by in-active players, copyright theft fines and extremely tedious conversations due to the time it takes to type a sentence using the DualShock 3?

More info can be found here.

Source: Official EU PlayStation Forum