SEGA Sees Many Opportunities With Motion Control

“I was blown away by it”, said Sega’s European managing director of development when spoke to him about the motion controllers recently revealed by Sony and Microsoft, “both systems offer us so many opportunities to do great things with video games.”

Sega believes that it can build strongly and quickly on its experience with the Wii’s motion control to become a significant presence in the realm of “gestural gaming” which will open up next year with Sony’s motion controllers due in the spring and Microsoft’s Natal expected towards the end of 2010.


What sort of games might we see from Sega?  “I immediately now want to make another Virtua Tennis” said Dunn, “There’s so many games and possibilities. I want to go away and lock myself in a dark room with some of our cleverest chaps and see what we can do with it.”

Sega are not just looking at the genres of games we are familiar with.  “We’ve got to look in different directions to almost throw history away and it requires a whole new way of thinking. We’ve got to ask what can we do with this, because completely different genres of games could open up.”

Those fearing that we will just see a large number of party games that make use of the new controllers can take heart from the fact that Sega are one of the publishers that has been willing to put out more mature titles on the Wii.  They have tried to satisfy, or maybe see is there are any, hardcore gamers on the Wii with titles like The House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld and the forthcoming The Conduit.

They have met with mixed results though.  While earlier more mature Wii releases Ghost Squad and House of the Dead: 2 & 3 Return “sold really well, it was great business” and House of the Dead: Overkill “was a profitable title for us”, Dunn admits that MadWorld has not sold what Sega were expecting.  They are waiting for a few more months of sales data before they start making decisions about where to invest their money and resources.

We will certainly be looking forward to what Sega can come up with.